Domogik is a free (GPLv3) Home Automation solution.

It allows you to:

  • Control your lights, shutters, etc.
  • Monitor your house (temperature, electricty, ...).
  • Create scenarios to make your home more independently.
  • Controlling your home with Voice .

And much more ...

A modern solution


Domogik is compliant with both old and new technologies. Many plugins exist to support these technologies : Velbus, weather, Zwave, ...
These plugins are referenced on our packages repository.

Responsive web interface

Domogik comes standard with a responsive web administration interface and so you can use it quickly, be it from your computer, tablet, smartphone or reading light.

Control your home with voice

You can interact intuitively with your home automation system by talking to him. It is even capable of learning by itself!

Really free

Domogik is free software (GPL v3) and OpenSource. So you can download, use and modify or redistribute for free. Whether it's the core or packages, all are free.

For your needs

With a documented API it is easy to modify or develop your own plugin or your own GUI.

Open to others

Through its API, you can use Domogik with other solutions, such as OpenRemote for creating or control interfaces.

A modern web interface

The interface fits all screen sizes

Domogik's interface
Domogik's interface

Easily customize the look of your interface

Domogik's interface
Domogik's interface
Domogik's interface
Domogik's interface

You can even use a light reader

Their low power consumption make them ideal controling interfaces.

Domogik's interface on an e-reader

Administer from your couch

The administration is also responsive

You no longer need to go to a computer to configure a plugin, create a device or create edit a scenario.

Domogik's administration
Domogik's administration

Create scenarios

Domogik's administration

Create photorealistic interfaces

With Domogik and OpenRemote, you can create photo realistic interfaces

Openremote & Domogik

Your butler

The butler Domogik assistant. Just talk to him or write to him to interact with it. An Android application let you talk in person with the butler and other interfaces will join over time.

It is very easy to extend and personalize your butler, be it by talking to him or even by editing a single file.

Control ...

What is the temperature in the living room
The temperature in the living room is 21 degrees
Illuminate the living room.

Educate ...

How is the temperature outside ?
I don't understand
When I say how is the temperature outside ? it means what is the temperature outside
Its noted
How is the temperature outside ?
The outside temperature is 13 degrees

Let us learn...

Whats the weather?
Does this mean: What is the weather today?
The sky will be mostly cloudy. Temperatures will be between 8 and 19 degrees.

Can i help you ....

Calculate 3 times 5 plus 4 minus 2
3 + 4 * 5 - 2 = 21
Tell me what is the weight of an apple?
182 grams.
What time is it ?
It is 23 25

An open solution

One of your automation needs is not covered?

Create your own plugin with documentation and code to extend existing plugins.

You do not like our GUI?

Everyone does not have the same tastes! If you don't like Domoweb or Domodroid, thanks to the documented API you can create your own interface!

You can also use existing solutions like OpenRemote to create a GUI.

Your butler is too stiff?

Customize easily by teaching him other interactions.

You can also develop extensions that will make it go for information online.

You want to join the adventure?

Whether in a small or large contribution, you are welcome! Do not be shy and visit us on irc.